Into the woods

Hill Walkers with Glencar Lake in the bottom

Some irish moss

Glencar Lake from the top

My fellow HillWalkers

Hillwalkers on the mist

Abandoned railway for the mines

Staring sheep and Queen Meave in the fog.

 Abandoned lines

 Abandoned mines (long exposure)

Can you spot the ghost....

Something that was left to be done in Ireland yet was a hike up the top of a nearby mountain at home. I've always thought it would have been Ben Bulben, but two wednesdays ago I joined the Hill Walking programme that the school where I work offers, and I'm glad I did. I haven't been very artistic lately, nor taking pictures or playing music, and they won't be the best pictures, but look, the place was amazing and I finally snapped some shots between mist, rain and green leaves. I really recomend whoever wants to visit Ireland to go Hill Walking and be able to admire the beauty and wilderness of this country.
The trip started in Glencar Waterfall, and up we went on a windy road through the swiss forest (called like that for its ressemblance with the woods in the Alps). After a couple of turns and gates, we got to the bog. Walked through jumping the ponds and across the wet grass, listening to some sheep and hearing some water springs. It was a foggy day so not much we saw until we got further, near  Benbulben, and we had those spectacular views of at least three counties, Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal with the landmarks of Glencar Lake and Queen Meave on sight. Amazing. Stunning.
Off we went afterwards to the abandoned mine hidden in the mountain. We prepared some tea, we had some biscuits, I snapped some photos, and we got into the mine for a couple of minutes. It is a great place to play with light & photography because it is completely dark, so with a couple of torches and other coloured lights it should be fun to make light paintings. I didn't have my tripod so the picture at the end is the only one its not blurred, slightly on focus and with some light effects. Anyway, we'll have to come back.
After I came back and had a look at the pictures, I saw something scary in one of the. On the last picture posted, where you can see a blurred tunnel, me and my friends also saw a face in the top of the arch. It looks like a sckull to me. Yes, I know, rocks have this wavy shapes, with cracks and holes, but who knows if in the darkness of the mine there was something else hidden on the walls...


  1. sembla molt guai el lloc, eh!?

    1. El recorregut passa pel capdamunt d'una muntanya prop de Ben Bulben, una de les muntanyes més altes del nord oest d'Irlanda. És preciós, tant fa el temps que faci, és espectacular :)


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