Northern Ireland 2011

Again, we meet again!
I do love Northern Ireland. I really like Ireland, but I've been in N.I. three times, and always I've found it different. First time we met it was in October, and the autumn colours made the landscape more than beautifull. I thought that i couldn't see something more pretty than the trees in Glaslough Castle. But then, still amazed by all of that beauty, in November we got there again, and snow welcomed us... warmly. I realised that there was something more beautifull than Northern Ireland in autumn and it was Northern Ireland in winter (not in the season yet, but with the colours). And then, finally, I really thought that there couldn't be anything more dreamy than this place in winter... WRONG again. I spent last weekend with my irish family again in N.I. and i slept in Diddy's house, Catherine's sister. Such a beautifull house... looks like a little castle in the middle of the woods. I woke up in a foggy day, and the family horse was looking at me when, in pyjamas, I opened the door of the balcony in the third floor... such a beautifull views. All the skiny trees between the fog, all the green grass, the morning mist, ... then I went for a walk and Toto (the dog) helped me to find the most tricky path to arrive in some hidden places in the forest. The frozen river, the scary big bird (I was not an animal haunter, just an image one or a "dream catcher".
Now, I'm looking forward to visit again this small part of the land that always gives me cause for happyness and joy.

I just opened a facebook profile for my "artistic irish name" Léana Mairéad. You can visit me and see my photos there, and be my fan (I'm already yours) HERE.



  1. Amazing the new look of your blog! Its so gorgeous, and I find these last photographies like magic images... your work is very interesting Léana.

  2. sometimes, adding the proper words make your photographs more beautiful. That's what I'm trying here... your work is so nice as well my friend...


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