- Who believe in superstitions? Not me. -
- We'd been friends -
- The Bogside -
- Let the children play. -
- Derry, 12th February 2011-

Quick visit in Derry last Saturday. The spotlight? I was visiting the murals and just for integrate some people on the photo, I changed my frame. Then, I went to see the People's Gallery, where I met a girl who told me all I wanted to know. Finally I ask for the bogside artists, and she told me they were around the murals arranging the lights... She showed me a photo of them, telling me that only two of them were with the murals, because the other one wasn't in Ireland. I checked the photo, and there they are, the people I had integrated in my photo, in the "free Derry" mural. So, without knowing, I was asking them where I could find two of the murals I couldn't see, and they, obviously, knew where these were (they painted them).


  1. congratulations for yours amazing photos!! I would like to see more murals if it is possible. See you very very soon!

  2. yes, so soon...
    I don't put all of my photos here, but of course I have all of Bogside Murals.
    Ask me later and I'll let you see all of them.

  3. I love all the photos esp the last one, it tells a lot of stories. The yellow door is very interesting.

  4. Thanks Rizalenio!
    I'm glad you see stories through my photos, that's what I try. Photos should always tell something.


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